Jupia Rum & Vodcana Splash Image

Jupia is the Caribbean's favorite rum but what is Jupia? There's an urban legend in the island of Hispaniola, which the Dominican Republic and Haiti call home. Jupia is a dead spirit that comes back to life in the form of a beautiful woman. Completely indistinguishable from a real woman, except for the fact that she has no navel. This spirit would roam the country side on her dark horse and seduce male farmers. However the farmers would come to realize this was no real woman, as she would vanish in their arms. The legend came to be, that before a man is to embrace a woman, he should check to make sure she has a navel. We chose to name our rum after the legend of Jupia because like the legend, our rum is seductive, mysterious and uniquely Dominican.

Small Label

Our products have been placed in bottles that are adorned with vibrant and bold labelling, and completed with a romance copy that will awaken the senses.
Due to Jupia's unique ingrediences and distillery processes it is one of the world's Gluten free liquors.